We provide a home for scattered statistics relates to Sri Lanka while telling compelling stories about sports, elections, science, economics and current affairs in the world by using visualizations, statistical analysis & AI.


We envision a Sri Lanka that uses the power of data science to make decisions in order to tackle societyโ€™s greatest challenges.


Our automated corn jobs periodically get data from government websites and store them in our databases. Our pre-programmed twitter bot daily tweets out stored information in a readable fashion.

Periodic tweets

  1. The Exchange Rate USD/LKR ( Weekdays)
  2. Colombo Stock Exchange ASPI and S&P 20 Index values with total (Weekdays)
  3. The weather report ( Daily)

In addition to that, our team often tweets useful statistics, government announcements and Breaking news in the interest of our audience.

Facebook Page

We share numbers related content with our Facebook page as well.